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Good Grounds is an artist management company and booking agency founded by Enzo Verhoeven, based in Antwerp, Belgium. As the company name implies, we aim to build a strong foundation around our artists. Our goal is to develop a long term career for artists who make authentic quality music.


Our business consists of two major aspects: artist management and bookings.


On one hand, we manage a selected amount of Belgian artists we strongly believe in. On the other hand, we set up European tours for international artists. Although we have an expertise in certain music genres, we don’t constrain ourselves to one specific genre. No genres, no boundaries, just quality music we believe in.


With a strong background in organizing and promoting concerts ourselves, we strive for a fair co-operation between the promoter and the artist.


Since the foundation of the company in 2019, we have developed a close relationship with managers and booking agents internationally. These relationships are built on good communication and mutual trust between like-minded people. With these values in mind, we believe in a fair agreement from which everyone involved benefits: the manager, the booking agent, the promoter, the artist and the audience.

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