Onoe Caponoe

"We should all be keeping out our blown-out pupils on this prodigious space cadet." - Complex

"Everything Onoe puts out reminds me a bit of afrofuturism if a teenage Mike Judge was in charge of the visuals and Sun Ra was as interested in both east coast and UK hip hop as he was in LSD." - Vice

"Despite making music with a wide range of influences, Onoe's strength lies in making a cohesive, psychedelic mixture of it all." - Dazed

Onoe Caponoe is an upcoming rapper from London. After releasing his latest album 'Surf or Die' on High Focus Records, he immediately got recognised by media like Dazed, Noisey and Complex.

Peerless in this modern world of Instagram clones and soundalikes, fearless creative Onoe Caponoe drops his highly anticipated album ‘Surf Or Die‘ confirming him as one of the most exciting and enigmatic rappers in the current UK Hip Hop scene.

Known for his eccentric flair, agile wordplay and assorted musical preference to extract from,‘Surf or Die’ sees Onoe Caponoe blend jazz-infused hip hop, with high energy trap in addition to the unpredictable nature of psychedelic rock, resulting in the structured, musical anarchy that only Caponoe can conjure.

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